colorado part 2 (the part where i cry)

September 21, 2011

i suck at being cold. my fingers and toes literally go numb (but in a painful sort of way) and i pretty much lose dexterity completely. then i whine about it. i can’t help it, i’m not proud of it.

the adventure cycling maps were to take us west of the rockies, we decided instead to go east through estes park, to ft. collins and boulder. this route would save us a great deal of time (and climbing) in higher (colder) elevations. cameron pass took us over the mountains, to our highest point so far.

the climb was easy and gradual, and included a short break at a national park museum (where i was well educated on all things moose) to wait out some rain.


the road was wet, (and i have no front fender, which is no one's fault but mine) so my feet and legs took the brunt of the spray off the tire (pretty much getting soaked) on the way down the mountain. i usually enjoy descending so much, but this was the most uncomfortable i had been so far. at 30 miles an hour in freezing temperatures, wet clothes are not ok. i was so cold, so cold, and couldn't think about anything but that fact as we flew past a sign that said steep grade (downhill) next 15 miles. when my hands got so icynumb that i couldn't shift we stopped. i cried. it hurt. at joey's suggestion i did some jumping jacks to get my blood moving (and when my legs proved to be too tired to jump i just jacked, arms only), and slowly regained feeling in my sad body parts. once we got to the camp ground i put on everything. all of my clothes. two pairs of socks. it rained while we made dinner and i'm pretty sure there was sleet. i cursed the sleet. it rained throughout the night and into the morning, when i tried refusing to exit the tent. the warm, cozy, sort-of dry tent. when the fly started dripping into the tent, i begrudgingly got redressed (again, putting on as many things as possible), and begged the sun to come out. after we got moving it did, and we had warm(er) sunny weather through some beautiful rocky mountain canyons, headed to ft collins.


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  1. Andrew said

    Love these pictures

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