November 1, 2011

20111029-222709.jpgsebree, kentucky baptist church hostel, where cyclists can not only bathe and sleep, but also enjoy a delicious homecooked meal from the pastor and his wife, bob and violet.

20111029-223018.jpgrough river dam state park, kentucky. ‘stealth camping’ in the parks shelter on a rainy night.

20111029-223221.jpgpark and rec center, hodgenville, kentucky. more rain shelter.

20111029-223602.jpgrainy rainy rainy riding day. breaks interstate park. although soaking wet and cold, the fall views were beautiful


20111029-223844.jpgelk garden methodist church fellowship hall, rosedale virginia. came in dripping wet from the coldest rainiest day ever. wrung out my socks and gloves in the sink. then proceeded to cover every vent in the room with wet clothes, shoes and socks. then we put it all back on the next day. stiff, but dry.

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  1. Jeepers – it’s amazing you two have made it so far! You’re inspirational. A couple of times I’ve found myself exhausted, pedaling away, maybe it the rain, or huffing exhaust and think about your journey which renders any commute inconsequential. If I were in your shoes I’d head to Key West. It’s not that far, and it gets warmer ;)

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